P A S T  W O R K S H O P   P A R T I C I P A N T S 

CineGente holds one workshop every so often, generally once per year. The workshops are very low cost and often free. The workshops are in screenwriting, acting, cinematography, editing, production and marketing, and are geared towards individuals interested in the different aspects of filmmaking. The workshops are especially geared towards women, indigenous people, people with disabilities, new immigrants and people who are passionate about films but simply cannot afford the fees of a regular course of study or lack the encouragement within their community to try for a creative career as such. Courses are taught in various languages, depending on the host country. In the screenwriting workshops new immigrants are able to write in their own language and have someone translate their texts before meetings. Labguage skills are not the goal, so much as expression, and voice. The first CineGente workshop took place in San Jose, Costa Rica, and since then has also been to New York and Sydney. Our Sydney workshop was the first workshop to produce a film. 'Dream Kiss Cry' was based on the short screenplays written in the CineGente workshops. The diversity in the workshop was well reflected in the short screenplays each participant wrote. A few scenes written by participants were selected and included in our feature film, Dream Kiss Cry, for which these participants will receive a feature film credit. The screenplays written in this workshop ranged from drama, to comedy and science fiction. Some participants were taught additonal skills with various roles on-set and off-set.  The CineGente workshops incorporate health education and human rights education within its program, and within  the material we write and produce.