Miriam suffers from agoraphobia and has not left her Brooklyn apartment in two years. Anything she needs from the outside world is taken care of by her pushy housekeeper, Jodie. When a homesick Megumi enters the picture, everything changes.

Inside Out investigates the relationship between agoraphobia, sound, and a life lived indoors. Ultimately, "inside" becomes outside and "outside" becomes inside, both visually and through sound. To create Miriam's reversed worlds, everyday indoor and outdoor sounds have been switched to emphasize her disturbed state. 

After a traumatic experience in her native Hawaii, Lana leaves her home, culture and old life behind to begin a new one in New York City. She lives a life completely detached from her past with her boyfriend Taylor and some exciting news ahead.

Wai makes an irrational and emotionally driven trip to New York with her niece Makalina, hoping that her husband will finally agree to having a baby once the house is empty. Wai turns up on her sister's doorstep in Brooklyn, unannounced after ten years without contact.


One sister will learn what family really is.


A musical journey into the world of Frida Kahlo.


The film explores the different interpretations of carnival, and how it has been used in traditional art and culture, as well as modern art and culture. Frida would not be Frida without the use of her carnival and the grotesque body.

Discover the art of Frida Kahlo through this musical journey of imagery and quotations.

Suzanne and Matthew travel to New York City with a group of friends to escape the traditional Southern wedding their mothers have planned for them.


The idea is to elope and get married under the neon lights of the big city lights, where all the excitement takes place.


Wedding stress takes it toll on everyone and a health problem that Suzanne and Courtney have been concealing comes out into the open much to the worry and dislike of Matthew. Is love strong enough to survive a shotgun wedding in the Big Apple?

London, 1890. Best friends, Aileen and Winnie are separated when one of them is forced into marriage with an older man in order to save her reputation from gossip following a secret.

When newcomer Harrold finds out about the secret, Aileen is forced to make a decision which will affect the rest of her life and Winnie's.

A film about the fragility of friendship, and the power of a secret uncovered.


September 2001. After the fall of the Twin Towers, and the loss of almost the entire squad, Brooklyn's Squad 1 firehouse is about to be closed down.


Through documentary footage we show how this Brooklyn community bonds together to save their beloved firehouse.

Snippets of documentary footage from this dark time in New York's history. There is no voiceover commentary needed, the footage speaks for itself.



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