Melanie Carlile - Director/Producer
Melanie attended The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, where she studied method acting, directing and playwriting. She gained valuable experience in Paris, New York and Latin America, working on both sides of the camera, before launching Barefeet Films. Melanie also runs a non profit filmmaking workshop each year, teaching writing and acting skills in different communities around the globe. The workshops generally culminate in a creative film or writing project at the end of each session, and encourage local people, as well as indigenous and women filmmakers to share their truly unique and personal stories. Melanie has a B.A. in Film and Journalism, runs the Barefeet Films video production house, and is currently pursuing her graduate studies. The screenplay for her third feature film, The Table is in development, and she has initiated principal photography on her second feature, Nomad.

Cindy Smith - Producer
Cindy was born and raised in Boston, and moved to New York to pursue a career in dance after completing her undergraduate studies. Soon after arriving in New York, Cindy began working in musical theatre productions and short films, which subsequently led to her interest in directing and producing. Cindy traveled around the US with a traveling theatre company for six months and upon her return to New York began her studies at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. While at Strasberg, Cindy met up with fellow actor Melanie Carlile when they performed side-by-side in a number of plays. After completing their training at Strasberg, both Cindy and Melanie decided it was time to take on some of their own projects. Cindy co-produced Barefeet Films' first four films and played a lead role in each film. She is currently working on a feature screenplay and pursuing her graduate studies in Drama Therapy. 






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